3D Design-Time

3D Design-Time (Period 1)

“Time is precious, waste it wisely” -unknown¬†

Often we spend our time rushing through things in life, not getting a chance to really appreciate the moments. Once a moment is lost or wasted, it can never be recovered. Forever will it remain a memory, or a part of history from our past. Using our time wisely helps one manage obstacles that we encounter without missing out on opportunities. With constantly looking at the time on my phone, I am assured of the things that need to get done. I use my phone as a way of making the best of time not only for my priorities but for myself. “Accepting that we can only make the best of the time that we have will enable us to all feel more contented and less like we are playing catch up all through life.”


Art Criticism

Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio

David Hockney


Principles of Design:

  • Movement/Rhythm: The artwork gives form to the movement of the focal areas directed through the edges of the hills, and colors of the art repeatedly.
  • Emphasis: The artwork emphasizes the mountains at the center of the city by contrasting the different areas with its shape, textures, and sizes, making the area stand out creating a realistic feel on the objects.
  • Pattern/Repetition: The repetition of the squiggly lines on the hills and the straight lines of the trees, creates unity and value within the artwork making lighter parts of the art the focal point.
  • Variety:The artwork shows several different designs of color scheme, using cool colors and elements creating a soothing impression to hold the viewers attention.
  • Balance/Unity: The unity and asymmetrical balance between parts of the artwork, creates a sense of completeness within the objects, elements, and shapes making them look organic throughout the art.
  • Contrast: The different contrasts between the mountains and the lower grass areas in the art creates dimension within the elements as they are placed next to each other.