Visual Metaphor Examples

Same-Sex MarriageĀ 


The metaphor in this image is the women holding the balance scale in comparison to the married couples. The message in this image shows the balance, equality and approval of same-sex marriage.


The metaphor are the rights written in the Bill of Rights in comparison to the family. The message depicted in this image shows the possibility of maintaining a family with a marriage of the same sex.

Editorial Cartoon

The metaphor depicted in this image, shows a comparison to the statue of liberty and the equality of same-sex marriage. The message conveyed in this image would be the justice and liberty of having equality within a marriage of the same sex.


3D Design-Project Reflection

  1. Throughout this project, I was able to accomplish the main focus and design of my work area in which I will be working in as a pediatrician. I am most proud of the details in my design, for example my exam table, the computer, and the designs on the wall. These objects are something that I am most proud of because not only are they something that took time in designing, but stand out as things that in this field I will be required to use daily.
  2. Working on this project, I didn’t find anything to be quite challenging because throughout it, the research and designing was beneficial for me in learning more about the career I want to pursue in.
  3. On this project, although knowing what I was going to design, I learned more about the things that were required for this field. I learned about what a pediatrician needed, mentally in order to work with minor patients. I also learned that becoming a pediatrician required a lot of schooling, more than I expected.
  4. I would advice that they really research what career they have in mind rather than just picking any, because the career chosen may not always be what is expected. I would also advice that the students make time to work on their project, getting it done rather than waiting for the last minute.
  5. Six adjectives that describe this project are informative, beneficial, detailed, elaborate, imperfect, and creative.