POSITION : Pediatrician

SETTING : Hospital

JOB DESCRIPTION : Physicians who examine, treat, and help prevent children’s diseases and injuries.

STARTING SALARY : $78.53 hourly, $163,350 annual


  • Examine children regularly, assessing their growth and development.
  • Treat children with illnesses, health problems, growth and development concerns.
  • Collect, record, and maintain patient information, such as medical history, and examination results.
  • Prescribe or conduct treatment, such as therapy, medication, vaccination, and other specialized medical care in order to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury in infants and children.
  • Examine patients, order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests in order to obtain information on medical condition and determine diagnosis.


  • 4 years of undergraduate courses will get you a BS, BA or any other bachelor’s degree; Recommended major Bachelor of Science in Biology. Though there is not one specific undergraduate degree required for enrolling in medical school and becoming a pediatrician, a bachelor’s degree program in biology is a common choice.
  • MD (medical doctor)/ DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine). After college, four years of medical school are needed in order to receive these degrees.
  • 3 more years of residency training is needed in order to be certified or eligible.
  • Extensive knowledge, skill, or experience are needed
  • On-the-job training/work-related experience (internships)

Growing up with many children in my family, baby-sitting and caring for them, made me want to pursue this career. Realizing how well I enjoyed working with children, at a young age and taking care of them, inspired me to do more, choosing Pediatrician as a career path. My sensitivity, well comprehension and expression is something that I know would best fit this job. My adequate speaking skills is another factor that I know I have and will be able to qualify for this job. Pursuing this career requires assistance, problem solving, and comprehension in order to treat and examine the growth of children, which is something I know I can do for this career.

In my design, I depicted different objects that I as a pediatrician will be using and the work space in which I will be working in. As a pediatrician, I will be working at a hospital or clinic, with my own office. I designed a patient’s room depicting the things that I would be using on a daily basis. Three major objects depicted in my design were the exam table, the stethoscope, and the computer. With the exam table, I will be regularly examining patients for health problems. Using the stethoscope, I will be listening to my patients heart beat being able to treat any concerns that my patients may have. With the use of the computer, I will able to record and collect any of my patients information.

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     Same-Sex marriage is the ceremonial union between two people of the same sex. The decision of legalizing same-sex marriage comes at a time when the support for it is at its highest, following a change in the public view. After many states have voted to ban same-sex marriage, things have changed otherwise. In recent years, seventeen states have legalized same-sex marriage approving of civil union partnerships. “Limiting marriage to heterosexual couples denies lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults access to an important-social institution and in an important sense turns them into second-class citizens”(societypages). It has become an important issue that not only has affected the views of same-sex marriage couples but society as well. Many of those in society believe that a marriage is traditionally between men and woman, that does not violate natural law. While many believe this may be true, others believe that as well as a traditional marriage, a gay marriage should be given equal equity. Being denied the value of a same-sex relationship, gives the impression that a couple is different from other different sex couples. The impact of same-sex marriage shows the platform of quality among everyone living in all states.
      The legalization of same-sex marriage has become controversial as it has affected many people. Because same-sex married couples have the potential to have successful relationships, raising happy, healthy and well adjusted children, like other tradition couples, the ruling against same-sex marriage, would send the message that gays and lesbians aren’t equal under the constitution. Propositions in helping improve the views of those who oppose of same-sex marriage would be first conducting arguments for the constitutional rights of same-sex marriage equality. Second spreading awareness about equality among gay marriage.Third making gay marriage a national awareness month.
      The visual metaphor shows the equality among both heterosexual and homosexual couples granted by the US Supreme Court. For our background, the United States Flag was used to represent the state in which same-sex marriage was legalized on Friday, June 26, 2015. Representing the equality between same-sex couples and heterosexual couples, the scale was used to represent the balance that each couple brought upon one another. Another visual shown in this visual metaphor was the White House with the colors that represent same-sex marriage couples, balancing out the unity between each relationship. As a large part of the design, the scale was the object emphasized in creating the balance among the two different couples. Another quality shown in this design was the pattern as to not only the colors used but also the photos that are used throughout this visual. A pattern among the letters of our line, were used to represent the colors of same-sex marriage. The variety within the different shapes of objects used in this visual gave our visual several elements that could hold the viewer’s attention as to what the message. Lastly, the unity and feeling of balance between all parts of the visual metaphor created completeness as to what legalizing same-sex marriage meant for those fighting for equality. Not only shall we give others a chance of belonging and feeling equal, but Love is Love, and Gay Rights Are Human Rights!


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